2012. jan. 23.

I'm that kind of girl who would let you play your video games and watch series.

I wouldn’t call you hundred times a day.

Wouldn’t expect any gifts for Valentine’s Day or Anniversary or any other holiday. Never. Waste of money.

I wouldn’t make you be with me 24/7, only if you wanted to.

I can shut the fuck up amazingly. So we wouldn’t have to talk if we don't want to.

I don’t like to eat at fancy places, I would advice you to just grab a beer and let's sit somewhere.

I hate spending money, so I would be good for your wallet.

I'm an intellectual being, not a dumbass bitch.

I am wiser than you think. No childish acts, not anymore. I want to be serious in a funny way.

I don't wear heels usually, so I won't stop walking after a few steps. We could walk to China and back.

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