2012. máj. 8.

Hommage a Örkény

Hommage a Örkény

1 chaotic childhood

1 mental family

1 hated first high school day

1 long-lasting turning point

approx. 3, 5 years of love towards the high school

more than 1 mental disorder and addiction developed

many missed opportunities

2 mental breakdowns

1 friendzone created by a true crush towards me

1 friendzone I created towards someone who has a crush on me

1 headfuck

many not so serious crushes

a few people I respect and want to be with for a longer time

2 language certificates (one of them is useless)

1 award for pretending to help

7 finals ahead

1 profound and dark mess in my head

19 years

1 life I would give away to someone who deserves it (“Hogyha nem kell senkinek,/hát az ördög veszi meg.”)

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